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Renters Insurance for Two Roommates In 2022

Last Updated: 8 Feb, 2022

Times have been extremely challenging lately. 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the worst years. The global coronavirus turned things upside down. Our social lives were disrupted heavily, and everything, including our jobs, housing was severely affected. Things have become particularly more challenging for people who live in a rented property. With income sources plummeting, renters cannot afford to incur any extra expenses right now. But life is unpredictable, and anything can happen at any given moment. Hence, renters’ insurance is the best protection against any unfortunate rental property events. An average renters insurance costs $168 a year. If you are thinking of splitting renters insurance for two roommates, it costs $84 per person. However, you cannot split your renters insurance. The policies does not include coverage for your roommate. Hence, your roommate should get their own renters insurance. 

Rental property owners can be quite strict when it comes to the well-being of their property. This means that a renter may be forced to cover up for the damages from their pockets. During the already challenging times, that is the last thing that you would want. Therefore, getting renters’ insurance is the best way to stay secure. According to thebalance, renters insurance is one of the most affordable insurance at just $15 per month on average.

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renters insurance for two roommates

Can You Share Renters Insurance For Two Roommates In 2022? 

During the testing times of pandemic and global economic loss, every person is going through a stressful situation. Incurring any extra expenses is a big no-no during these times. However, anything can happen at any time. It is important to stay prepared and protected.

Some of the major coverages included in the renters’ insurance are:

1. Medical Expenses Coverage 

This insurance policy helps to cover your expenses resulting from a physical injury or any health concerns due to your rented property. In such cases, this policy will come to your rescue.

2. Coverage for physical damages 

Renters’ insurance helps cover the physical damages to the rented property resulting from robbery, fire, riot, or any unwanted event. Certain natural disasters like earthquakes and floods are not covered but still getting this policy protects you from losses occurring from unfortunate events.

Not only that, but this policy also covers your personal losses like theft of a laptop, for instance. Basically, this policy is like a shield against the losses resulting from the mishappening. Contact an independent insurance agent or a broker for further details.

3.Coverage for additional living expenses 

If a scenario occurs where your rented property becomes inhabitable or temporarily unavailable for living, renters’ insurance also covers the expenses incurred while living in a hotel or guest house. This scheme covers your meals and temporary rentals.


As a renter, you should be smart enough to protect your own belongings and not depend on a homeowner insurance policy. Furthermore, it can bring a huge financial burden upon you. Therefore, if you want to stay covered against such possible expenses, make sure to invest in the right renters’ insurance in Michigan. Contact us to get the best renters insurance. Don’t depend on your local insurance agent all the time. Sometimes you have to look beyond to get the best coverages. We provide renters insurance in New Jersey as well. Hence, if you have a dog then renters insurance to cover dogs are included in your renters policy.  

Get in touch to learn about more domains in insurance like cyber liability insurance, e and o insurance for insurance agents as well as e and o insurance.


Is renters insurance required for each roommate?

Unless they’re connected to you or their names are mentioned on your policy, your renters insurance won’t usually cover your roommates’ belongings. Roommates who are not related should normally purchase their own renters insurance.

When you have many roommates, how does renters insurance work?

All insurance contracts have coverage limits, which are the maximum amounts an insurer will pay you if your belongings are damaged or stolen. Your coverage limit does not increase when you add a roommate to your renters policy; instead, it is split between the two — or more.

Is it true that having roommates reduces the cost of renters insurance?

No. Unless a policyholder’s roommate is included on the policy, a renters insurance policy will not cover them. In the event that a rental becomes uninhabitable, roommates are excluded from all renters insurance policy coverages, including personal property, liability, and loss of use.

renters' insurance arizona

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